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Hex Head Fixings in London

We offer a range of fixings, including Hex Head in London - for heavy steel. Hex Head is a type of fixing that is used with heavy steel for the following reasons: Fixing roofing/cladding items to purlins and rails, fastening panels and other components to steel and most importantly, fixing steel to itself. Our Hex Head fixings come in a range of different sizes, meaning you will always find the best fixing for your project.

From the smaller size of 5.5mm - 38mm to the largest size of 6.3mm - 60mm, you will find something that fits in with your building project perfectly. As always, we supply our Hex Head fixings in London in a wide range of quantities, from the industry standard of 100 per pack, to 200 and beyond - depending on your project. You can also get in touch if you require more than the standard quantity. The head of the fixing is hexadecimal and similar to that is the drive bit, again, with a hexadecimal finish. The thread form of the fixing is coarse thread and the shank material is made from carbon steel - giving a nice strong finish to the Hex Head itself.

When using this product with a drill, the recommended rpm value is between 1500 and 2500, to avoid damage to the fixing and to make sure the fitting is as secure as it can be. We offer high quality fixings, including the Hex Head fixings in London, which will take your projects into the future for many years and will not disappoint when you need them the most.